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Digital Printed Curtains in India

Curtains are not just a piece of cloth that are hanging from a rod on your door or window but these are beautiful pieces of artwork that plays a very significant role when it comes to maintaining beauty and decorum in the home. Although curtains are hanging in almost every home in India, but they don’t get much attention for the work they do. It’s high time to give our curtains that attention that they deserve.

For this, CURTONE brings a very unique type of digital printed curtains in India which not only work as a usual curtain in your room but also give your room that feel and vibrant look that you were looking for so long without lacking the quality of living room curtains.

These unique pieces of art is called by the name of “Digital Printed Patch Curtains”. A 60 cm lengthwise patch joint on a solid color curtain for door and window gives appealing look to your window. Now, not only this but the appearance of the patch is much delightful that every visitor to your house will definitely appreciate this piece of art.

These digital printed patch curtain comes in wide range of design and appearance. From a portrait to a scenery printed on it. From a motivational to a funny quote printed on it. Some giving spiritual presence to your room. Some showing your attitude. Or the mix of all these.

From our experience in this field of making digital printed patch curtain for home, people loves the pair of curtain in which one is an appearance and the other is a quote relevant to the picture. Some example of these curtains are shown below.

digital printed curtains

The idea of choosing these curtains comes from the theme that you want for your room. It also depends on whether it is your personal room, living room, dining room, and office room or office hall.

For example, a couple asked curtains for their child room. That hero was 12 years old. I show them Minion printed curtain for their child’s room.  The moment I represent them the minion curtain, they bought it immediately.

Same way, a working unmarried lady was looking for curtains for bedroom. Beautiful girls’ curtain was her only choice even after there were so many others designs. The quote printed on it fills her heart with inspiration.

Other designs that I have shown in picture were liked by many of the people. Spiritual curtains like Krishna curtains are also very popular among people. They find themselves connected with the god.

I would recommend you all to visit and have a look at these pieces of artwork and buy it at very reasonable prices.

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